To err is human – Big John’s ‘Finest Moments’

We all make mistakes. It’s a common fact of life. Why do we make mistakes? Because we are all human. I make mistakes every day. For example: feeding my cat twice in the space of an hour. That’s a mistake (not for him). Referees are people too, they also make mistakes. Especially in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Sometimes, a referee’s mistake is small and unnoticeable, like for example: not taking away points for constant fence grabbing. Sometimes, a referee’s mistake is absolutely massive, and alters the fight in a big way, like, giving someone extra time to recover on the stool.

That last one happened two weeks ago: Yoel Romero got extra time on the stool, after being absolutely destroyed by Tim Kennedy at the end of the second round. Come the third round, after a lot of messing around, he goes and cleans Kennedy’s clock. The referee for that fight? Big John McCarthy. 

McCarthy is regarded as one of the best referees in the business, however, he is no stranger to controversy or bad calls. He might not be on the level of Kim Winslow or Steve Mazagatti, but he is not immune to mistakes. And luckily, his biggest blunders have been posted on Youtube for a viewing pleasure.

So, sit back and enjoy the double taps, the phantom taps, the phantom knockouts, and whatever else is in the video. This is Big John’s ‘finest’ moments. Remember: to forgive is divine.

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