TJ Dillashaw Looks MASSIVE In Recent Picture During Suspension

Tj Dillashaw
Photos via Instagram @tjdillashaw

TJ Dillashaw Put On Size During His Off Time

TJ Dillashaw has been serving out a two year USADA suspension. Although it would seem that he has been using that time off to get beefed up, as evident with a recent update.

Dillashaw was handed his suspension following his bout with Henry Cejudo in January. Although he would lose the fight early in the first, his biggest loss came afterwards. It was revealed that TJ had popped for EPO, and subsequently relinquished his Bantamweight title.

Dillashaw will be ineligible to compete until January 19th, 2021. Nevertheless he has been staying busy, as evident in a recent Instagram post. In the picture, TJ looks like he is in the midst of a hard workout. However, what has caught everyone’s attention, is just how massive he looks.

“Back to grinding in the garage in good company.”

Wow, TJ Dillashaw is looking quite beefy. When you put that next to the pictures that surfaced shortly before his 125lb bout with Cejudo, they look like completely different people. It is unclear how hard he has been training in his off time, but he certainly looks bigger. Moreover, he says in the post that he is getting back to training, hitting the Treigning Lab, in California.

Dillashaw has recently spoken about how things are going for him, during his suspension. He has been starting an ironic juice company, and calling out boxers. Therefore, it is nice to see him actually getting back to the roots of combat he is familiar.

It is yet to be revealed where TJ Dillashaw will compete upon his return. Looking at these pictures though, he could very well come back at Lightweight.

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