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Tito Ortiz says Ronda Rousey’s head is getting to her, seriously he said that

Tito Ortiz says Ronda Rousey’s head is getting to her, seriously he said that

Takanori Gomi has a notoriously enlarged head, but Tito Ortiz’s head is something of MMA legend. We love Ortiz, he’s provided the MMA world with some of the most historic UFC fights — but his head is so large that smaller heads orbit his head like planetary bodies. If you want to whisper something in Tito Ortiz’s ear, you must first break through a layer of atmosphere and hope your face doesn’t get burned in the entry process.

In an interview with Fighters Only, Tito Ortiz had some choice words to say about Ronda Rousey and her seemingly non-existent fight against Cris Cyborg.

I think her head is getting to her. I watched a couple episodes and she seems like a little brat, likes she’s too good for everybody else. That’s the attitude you don’t want, especially as a coach. People see me on The Ultimate Fighter season three, season eleven, I never thought I was better than anybody else,”

Is the popularity getting to Ronda’s head a little too much? She hasn’t had any huge fights, she hasn’t fought any huge names yet. I guess its one of those things that, in time, she needs to be tested. She’s being protected by the UFC and if she keeps being protected she will always be known as second-best.

I haven’t seen any great stand-up skills. I have seen her closing the gap and taking a girl down and arm-barring her. I don’t think she even knows any moves other than an armbar.

Tito Ortiz commenting about someone’s head is drenched in so much irony that we won’t fully understand the extent of it for the next three years.

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