Tito Ortiz says Forrest Griffin is a horrible role model

TMZ talking to someone about role models is probably the most ironic thing you will see all day. Its even more ironic than any verse of the old 90s song by Alanis Morrisette- “Ironic”. Dontcha think? I’ve probably alienated at least 87% of our reader base by discussing music made prior to 1996. Consider it a musical history lesson of sorts kiddos. It was really big back in the day when some of you were still running around in your diapers drinking juice out of a sippy cup.

The irony here is that at least 98% of the people TMZ report about on their show should not to be considered role models, much less give their opinions on who is or isn’t a good role model. They are what most of us would say are ‘horrible role models’, but Tito Ortiz isn’t concerned about the Kanye West, Kim Kardashian or anyone in the Lohan family being looked at as a role model. He wants the world to know he thinks Forrest Griffin is horrible role model. Here he is telling TMZ all about it:

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