Video: Tito Ortiz calls Khabib, Caleb/Kha-leeb during his UFC 229 preview

Tito Ortiz says Caleb

Isn’t Caleb the name of Tito Ortiz’s kids? We have no idea how Tito Ortiz worked his way into UFC 229 fight week, but we’ll take it.

UFC 229 is only a few days away and everybody is rushing to give their breakdown of Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov. Everybody can be an online striking specialist and or grappling coach because its UFC 229 fight week.

In lieu of our Uncle Joey Diaz getting high on Periscope and somehow comparing McGregor’s left hand or Khabib’s power double leg to Mackenzie Dern’s ass, we’ll have to turn to Tito Ortiz in our time of need.

Yes, Tito will become MMA’s next great online gambling tout if he keeps providing fight previews like the one below. How is he not charging for this analysis?

Can with get a round table of four Ortiz clones talking over each other while they try to technically dissect Conor vs. Khabib? Does technology like that exist yet? Because it should.

Ortiz is on a Bob Sapp like losing streak to the English language, but how is his Russian? Let’s watch and find out.


We were on the fence about Tito vs. Chuck part three but this UFC 229 preview video may have just turned the tides.

Ortiz has to be putting on act, right? Andy Kaufman has nothing on the long-term, character work of Tito Ortiz playing the role of “guy constantly messes up every single sentences he utters”.

He said Caleb, Kha-leeb and Khalabeeb all in the span of 30 seconds. This is beautiful, thank you for this Tito but we’re still picking Conor.

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