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Tito Ortiz is not pleased with Forrest Griffin and his TRT use

Tito Ortiz is not pleased with Forrest Griffin and his TRT use

Serious question: the T-800 series terminator had organic flesh with working circulatory system and real muscles etc. Was the T-800 at peak performance, or could it benefit from TRT? I mean, you have to think it has zero testosterone, so any testosterone above zero would have to benefit the terminator in some way, but maybe it was only as athletic as the hyper-alloy endoskeleton would allow it to be…

Either way, there is a serious testosterone problem in our sport – many fighters have too little. Who would’ve ever thought so many of our favorite fighters would be in so much need of extra testosterone, I think we were all under the assumption it took major balls to get into the cage. Luckily this epidemic of low testosterone counts hasn’t hit the NBA, or the NFL yet…Phew.

Chalk Forrest Griffin up as the latest fighter to suffer from low testosterone, which does not please his trilogy-partner Tito Ortiz.

For further reading on the T-800 series terminator, please click here.


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