Tim Sylvia thinks Ray Mercer being ranked #13 is a joke

Every time Bauzen does an interview, I somehow find a way to nearly get him killed. It started with Matt Serra a couple months ago and since then, I’ve been on a 3-0 streak. It’s cool, this time Bauzen doesn’t have to constantly look behind him while he’s walking on the street…but he should look both ways before crossing it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the power to control oncoming traffic. However, at the Moosin press conference yesterday we had the power to ask Tim Sylvia a few questions that has probably been keeping you up at night. Questions like ‘What’s up with that one wheelchair picture?‘ or ‘Whatever happened to that role in Friday the 13th?‘. Of course, we had to ask the blatantly obvious question and it involves the #13 ranked heavyweight of the world.


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