Tim Sylvia talks about his loss to Abe Wagner

Every time I read a Tim Sylvia interview I hear it in the Matt Damon Good Will Hunting “Bahstin” accent. If I ever run into big Tim I will ask him to say “how do you like dem apples?” and then make him do impressive math for me. I am easily amused by advanced, MIT level mathematics and east coast accents. I hope the Maine-iac won’t be offended, at least I won’t be making fun of his weight. Five Ounces of Pain caught up with the 311 pounder to discuss his head succumbing to the fists of the nearly 60 pounds lighter Abe Wagner last weekend, lets listen in:

“Refs need to know the fighters. Did he see my fight with Andrei Arlovski, the second one, I got dropped, got up, and KO’d him. The Randy Couture fight I got dropped and fought for twenty five minutes,”

“It was stopped way too early…It was bullsh*t,”  “(And) the sad part is the ref told the promoter and my corner he was sorry because he knew he made a mistake and stopped it a little early.

“I will never fight at Super Heavyweight again. I fight much better at 265 so from here on out that’s what I am going to fight at.”

Good call on not fighting at super heavyweight again Timmy. When you are 0-2 in a combined 41 seconds above 300 pounds and a 28-5 former UFC champ heavyweight at 265, you don’t have to be a genius janitor to figure out that math.


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