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Tim Kennedy upsets another South African

Tim Kennedy upsets another South African

If you’re South African and an MMA fan, then the past couple days haven’t been so good. Your World Cup team ties France for last place and now the only dude from South Africa that is doing MMA was just choked out by Tim Kennedy in the first round at Strikeforce LA. If your depression isn’t as severe as I’m making it to be, we can go back a few weeks when another South African was hailed the messiah of the NBA only to be completely dominated by some dude named ‘Kobe Bryant’. We can even go back a little further when South African, Charlize Theron, completely ruined the Aeon Flux franchise back in 2005. Let me fix that, this decade hasn’t been good for South Africans.

Tonight, Tim Kennedy proved what he could do with eight months of uninterrupted MMA training. Before the military gave him the green light to let him fully pursue his MMA career, dude was a sniper for the C Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group. He was also deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom multiple times. There’s also that time in North Carolina when a stripper made us promise  her that we would give a shout-out to Tim Kennedy in his next fight.

On our way to Biloxi for The Ultimate Chaos, we stopped at a place called Cafe Risque to nab some grub. The cafe just so happened to be a 2 in 1 stripclub. You could get a side of hashbrowns along with a lapdance. Only in the south would that happen, it’s a different universe down there (sort of like Twilight Zone). Just as we were about to leave, the stripper/breakfast waitress asked us what we were doing in ‘her part of the country’. Starscream told her that we were on our way to cover a fight and then, to our surprise, she asked if we knew a fighter named Tim Kennedy. Of course we knew Tim Kennedy. We thought we were ahead of the game, but a stripper at Cafe Risque was already on top of Kennedy…figuratively speaking.

Props to Tim Kennedy on a huge win over Trevor Prangley which may set-up the rubber match we all want to see: Mayhem vs. Kennedy III (or Smith vs. Kennedy II, we’re not picky).

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