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Tim Kennedy grabbed a win at UFC 162 on 4th of July weekend. America, F*** Yeah!

Tim Kennedy grabbed a win at UFC 162 on 4th of July weekend. America, F*** Yeah!

Leave it to Greg Jackson and his mythical Rasputin like abilities to influence his fighters via his insistence to only refer to them by their full names in between rounds. He’s like a soothing presence whose calm, yet authoritative voice lets you know that things are going to be okay going into the next round because you are currently holding a bottle of water in your left hand. I guess it would be logical to assume (oxymoron, nothing about assumption is logical) that when we start hearing Greg Jackson yelling his fighters’ middle names at them then they most likely lost the previous round. Seriously. Being middle named is the most potent manifestation of a parental figure’s disappoint in existence.

Thanks to Jackson’s assertive, yet nurturing coaching/parenting style Tim Kennedy was able to pick up the victory against Roger Gracie via, you guessed it, unanimous decision. Yeah, that’s pretty much been the state of things again tonight – decisions, but oh well. After sitting Kennedy down for a fatherly heart-to-heart/stern talking to Jackson was able to motivate his fighter to go out there do what he does best – grind it out.

So Tim Kennedy, water in his left hand, was able to pick up the win tonight and get that win bonus so maybe he will be slightly more pleased with those fighter pay rates.

The Wolverine, staring Hugh Jackman, will be theaters July 26th.

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