Replay: Tim Elliot Fought in the 5th Dimension at Titan FC 37

We are about to transport you to another dimension of existence without the use of portal guns or psychedelic drugs. Unless you count Titan FC Flyweight Champion Tim Elliot as a drug, which he may be considered in some states.

Elliot defended his belt last night via unanimous decision at Titan FC 37, which aired on UFC’s Fight Pass platform and hopefully shown on his home planet somehow.

Has Elliot been watching Jackie Chan movies and mastered the art of Drunken Master MMA?

This display of otherworldly Martial Arts prowess could be too much for some people.

Probably the best highlight of the fight? Spinning hook kicks…to the legs… to a grounded opponent.

This victory brings Elliot to a three fight win streak since his departure from the UFC. Hopefully, we’ll see Dana White do an episode of “Lookin’ For a Fight” inside the spirit realm to get him back.

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