Tim Credeur gets a lesson in humility from one of his students

It’s always important to be humble when you train. Whenever I step foot through Carlos Gracie’s front doors I always repeat to myself those classic words spoken by Indiana Jones: ‘penitent, only the penitent man will pass’ then I dive forward thinking dual blades are about to chop my head off. I have an overactive imagination and I was raised by a TV, what can I say?
Regardless, the lesson remains true, if you aren’t humble in martial arts training it’s only a matter of time until you will be humbled. Even BJJ blackbelts and veteran trainers like Tim Credeur get caught sometimes and there is no shame in it, it just isn’t always on camera. Check out this footage of UFC vet Tim Credeur battling it out on the mats with young BJJ phenom Ethan Achee.


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