Darren Till Finally Speaks On Infamous Sparring Session Against Mike Perry

Darren Till and Mike Perry have spoken about a spa day that ended in a sparring session but now Till has opened up about the 2018 ordeal.

Image of Darren Till via Twitter: @UFC
Image of Darren Till via Twitter: @UFC

The relationship between Mike Perry and Darren Till is strange. At times, they appear to respect each other on social media and give credit where it’s due about their respective skillsets. However, other times, Till is creating websites like MikePerryisabum.com. While Perry chooses to express his disdain for Till by saying that he would kick his mother in the face. Previously, stories floated around of a mysterious, yet infamous sparring session between the two men. Now, Till has finally spoken about the spar.

Did fight fans think “Platinum” Mike Perry and Darren Till were friends? Well, think again. In the latest interview from Perry, he had a lot of choice words to say about Darren Till. In martial arts, there is normally a code of honor and respect. But, all of those philosophies seem to have gone out of the window when it comes to these two competitors. 

Darren Till on Mike Perry Sparring Session

For now, Till has spoken to the media and the topic of Perry was mentioned. During the conversation, he revealed what happened during their infamous sparring session. 

“Later on that night he messaged me, ‘Are you ready?’ I was like, ‘Yeah champ, let’s go.’ Went down to the gym in the hotel and we done like five rounds of sparring,” Till said. 

“I’ll never, ever say,” Till said. “Never, ever say. I don’t think—he’s actually said loads of times, ‘I beat Darren, I busted his face up.’ If that makes him feel good and sleep at night, that’s great for him, but this is the thing. I could go to Tyson Fury’s gym now and beat him up in a spar – he’s actually come to my gym and we sparred and I took him down, I’m an MMA fighter – [and] imagine me going around saying, ‘I beat Tyson in a boxing spar today.’ That spar means absolutely f*ck all, jacksh*t, you didn’t get paid for it. No one’s seen it. Sparring’s different. You don’t have the nerves, the crowd, everything involved.

Empty Feud

Till continued by stating that while the rivalry between him and Perry is heated, the fight may never happen. At least until Mike can string together a few wins, get ranked, and be presented as an elite fighter. Furthermore, both men are no longer competing in the same weight class, which complicates a future bout even more. 

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