Thug Rose Namajunas Is an Emotionless Death Machine

Rose Namajunas doesn’t give a fuck about her camera time during UFC 211.

This cold blooded assassin couldn’t be bothered to even change her facial expression, never mind the obligatory (and ridiculous) fist pose or shadowbox. Take a gander below on the cold, dead eye of Rose Namajunas as she contemplates if she could get away with murdering the cameraman in front of her.

Good Lord that woman does not play games. It amazing to see two other fighters immediately fall into on camera cliches, and then see Rose clearly not give a singular fuck about one of the dumber traditions of a UFC broadcast. We are with you, Rose. Fuck the system! These close ups of fighters in the crowd have always been forced, awkward, and gone on just a little too long. Finally, someone is exposing them for the bullshit that they are.


And add a little Simon & Garfunkel.

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