Throwback: Watch Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal Go On a Double Date

In late 2013, Jorge Masvidal had just joined the UFC and was on a three fight win streak, coming off a submission victory over Michael Chiesa. Naturally, this attracted the attention of some dope MMA documentary film makers, GenghisConFilms. Based in the Miami fighting scene that evolved out the Kimbo Slice insanity, GenghisCon has filmed Masvidal before, and Jorge decided to let them film his every aspect of his life. The results were simply awesome.

The GenghisCon team may have captured some of the funniest moments in MMA history. Allow me to present the classic first episode of “Tales From the Grind”. Watch UFC contender Jorge Masvidal live the life of a fighter, preach the values of McDonald’s value menu, and most importantly, go on a double date with roommate Colby Covington.


If you don’t have the patience to watch the training montages and Masvidal trying to touch the ceiling with his head, here is when the double date starts. My favorite part has to be Masvidal and Covington having no idea how to open a champagne bottle. It really is fantastic to watch these fools struggle to pull together an impressive enough dinner to get laid. I truly hope that Jorge and Colby are still living together in some slightly nicer Miami apartment doing exactly this same shit right now in 2017.

Anyway, let’s admire some of Covington’s handiwork from this morning in Singapore, where he beat the ever-loving crap out of Stun Gun Kim.

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