Throwback Thursday! Kenny Florian meets his future wife

Now we know that the more Kenny Florian is in love, the taller his hair grows. You thought that his pompadour was enhanced by his growing confidence as a play-by-play man, but you’re wrong. It’s all love. If you’re a true detective, you can see that this is obvious. In this moment, he’s just meeting his future wife, Clark Gilmer for the first time. They share a cocktail while being dolled up for some sort of photo shoot or TV spot, and as Goldberg says, it’s all over. Well, their searching out other life-partners was all over. Their life together was just beginning and their hearts reaching out to each other was virtually identical in their passion. 

We’re romantics, so we like this kind of stuff, okay?

Check out the MMA H.E.A.T. clip below. It’s irrefutable proof that Kenny’s love = pompadour growth. Imagine how large it will grow once he has multiple children, or Kenny is a sharp-elbowed grandfather?

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