Throwback Thursday: Alex Reid proves that prolonged stare downs may likely result in spontaneous shows of intimacy

Cage Rage fighter Alexander Aristides “Reidernator” Reid proved something years ago that we suspected, but were probably afraid to admit: if an MMA stare down is allowed to linger longer than a few seconds, the tension may result in a spontaneous show of intimacy.

In this image, Reid stares into the eyes of his opponent until the two are separated. That should have been the end of it, obviously, as is customary in more cautious organizations like the UFC. But the men re-engage, gazing at each other for a dangerously long time. Or course, the result was inevitable. Governed by the strangely conflicting law of adversarial attraction, Reid briefly surrenders his competitive loathing, softly tilts his head, and delivers a tender kiss. Importantly, it appears the show of affection was graciously received for at least a short, confused moment.

Reid is an actor who studied at the Guildford School of Acting in Surrey, England. He even appeared in the British reality television show Celebrity Big Brother 7 in 2010, winning the contest with 65.9% of the final vote. At the time, he was dating glamour model and singer Katie Price, who he eventually married for a short time. But Price cited Reid’s occasional cross-dressing as female alter-ego “Roxanne” as part of the reason they split.

But it is unfair to speculate any of that played a role in what happened during the stare down. Because even if a man has never indulged his thespian urges or dabbled in the adornments of the fairer sex, it is a plain dangerous practice to tempt thousands of years of primal desire by gazing into a pair of intense eyes for longer than a few seconds. 

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