This XFO 39 staredown pic guarantees your live stream presence tonight

I am a married man. For this very reason I have been assigned this article by Zeus, who says my brain works differently now that I have a signed marriage certificate that resides in the same closet that I keep my dog’s food in. Zeus is wrong you see, my brain is no different than any other man (or woman) who sees probably the most attractive staredown of all time. This is the GOAT of sexy staredowns and I am not afraid to admit it. Felice Herrig and Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc know whats up, Three Six Mafia will write songs about this matchup and all of the potential rawesomeness that resides within it.

Just a few more hours until the XFO 39 is streamed live on so we can watch these beautiful women punch each other in the face together. Check out this pic from the weigh ins yesterday courtesy of our friends over at MMARecap, those guys are pretty sexy too.

Can we all agree this is the sexiest staredown outside a videogame?

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