This video will ramp up your anticipation for Bernard Hopkins vs. Sergey Kovalev

Bernard Hopkins will be 49 and 50 weeks old when he faces Sergey Kovalev for a light heavyweight unification bout. What we have is one of the most impressive athletes in all of sports history in Bernard Hopkins. Going up against a boxer who is one of the hardest punchers that we’ve seen in ages.

What makes this fight is interesting is the fact that Bernard Hopkins is a flawed fighter, he isn’t that active, he doesn’t have the power to put you away, he uses everything in his arsenal legal and illegal, yet he still wins. He doesn’t just win, he will take guys to school and make them look awful. A man of his age should not be able to do that to people nearly half his age in a sport where at his age, most fighters are not well off physically. Which is why you always see guys refuse to fight him, because even when you are victorious vs. Hopkins, you don’t look good doing it.

On the opposite side of the ring we have Sergey Kovalev, a man who well… this video will speak for itself:</a>

He’s violence personified. A man who has struggled himself in getting high profile fights because of how vicious he is.

So the two men that no one wants to fight, for completely different reasons, are going to step into the ring together in nearly two weeks. We don’t get these types of fights often, not only is it an excellent fight, it’s a fight with an amazing narrative. A combination that we rarely get the chance to see, will Bernard Hopkins put on another boxing clinic and add onto his legacy, or will Sergey Kovalev continue the path of destruction that he’s on? We’ll find out soon enough.

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