This video was created to knock you upside the head and remind you that Marina Shafir is fighting this weekend

I always told my teachers that calculators would solve the world’s problems and that math class was a waste of time for anyone not totally invested in the faith of numbers, now here I am, patting myself on the back as I add up all of Marina Shafir’s dominant wins on a browser calculator. Let’s see here… Five amateur wins, 4 armbars, one arm triangle win all add up to… 7 minutes and 38 seconds inside the the MMA ring/cage/fighting receptacle. Then Marina followed that dominance up with, of course, an armbar win in just under two minutes in her pro debut. The way Marina collects arms, you’d think her and Ronda Rousey know something we don’t about the future of arm development in the greater southern California area. Hmph. 

Chaos at the Casino 5 goes down this Sunday, and Glendale Fighting Club has no less than six fighters representing on the MMA/Boxing/Muay Thai card. Led of course by Marina, quietly confident as always. Daniel Goland, Cynthia Vance and LayzieTheSavage created this brilliant work to remind you that this team is on the precipice of doing big things, with Marina eyeing just about everyone in the 145 division. Yes, everyone.



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