This Video Right Here, Yeah, It’s an Awesome Headkick Knockout

I’ve watched this video probably about half a dozen times now and the thing that strikes me the most about it is the name of the MMA promotion. That’s saying a lot for a walkoff headkick KO. We’ve seen a lot of ridiculous names for MMA promotions in the past before, names that are all about blood and guts, or names about honor and respect. Usually MMA promotions are named after something that sounds tough and expresses just how tough of a sport MMA is. This promotion’s name is “Say Uncle Fight Night” in the UK.

No, I did not make that up. That is the legitimate name of a MMA promotion in the UK.

Say Uncle Fight Night.

I’m not sure what really I can say anymore. I’m just sitting here, kind of staring at the screen thinking, “Say Uncle Fight Night?!” This knockout doesn’t involve noogies, wedgies or other things that would usually involve a made-for-TV bully screaming “SAY UNCLE!!” Instead it is a headkick knockout and it’s pretty brutal.

Say Uncle?!

Here’s the video from Phil @DevilFists.

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