This video proves that GSP is almost as strong as a gymnast

If there is anything to take away from this video of GSP doing a gymnastics ring workout it’s this: GSP is very strong. Yes, stronger than you or I dear reader, but not stronger than a gymnast, unless you reader, are an exceptionally strong gymnast. In which case nevermind, go wipe some talcum powder on your hands.

If this video of GSP exercising on the rings were a scene from an imaginary action movie, you can be assured GSP would somehow save the day at the end of the film by climbing some sort of burning debris or something that looked like rings to save the female lead. Then he would say something awesome to her and they would kiss. I would watch it, that’s a better treatment for a movie than half of the stuff that will come out this summer (except Harry Potter).

The video would have been infinitely better if Georges walked up to the camera and said ‘How many can you do eet Jake?!’


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