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This video of the dumbest MMA tweets will creep you out for the wrong reason

This video of the dumbest MMA tweets will creep you out for the wrong reason

I guess this video would be the antagonist to MiddleEasy’s ‘Sh*t People Tweeted @MiddleEasy During…’ feature. If SPTM is Professor X, this video would undoubtedly be Magneto. Everything that happened to our civilization in the past two decades could be related to Marvel Comic lore.

Imagine thousands of years from now alien archeologists will discover the ruins of our civilization and they will find remnants of references to Spider Man, Spawn, Cyclops, and The Watchmen. They will assume we considered them celestial deities and ancient humans created cults to worship them. They would find ruins of comic book stores and call them our holy temples. Entire text books would be created around gods from the Justice League of America, and it would be taught in religious classes.

Better yet, imagine some ancient Egyptian kid writing in his lapis lazuli-encrusted laptop that when future archeologists find all the Hieroglyphic graffiti that his friend etched in the hallways of his dad’s pyramid, they’re going to think all ancient Egyptians actually believed people rose from the dead guided by jackal-headed giants. Ah, kids those days…

Since I’ve completely lost the purpose of the article in my own imagination, here’s the video.

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