This Video Beautifully Breaks Down Kazushi Sakuraba’s Grappling

BJJ Scout is a pretty well-known YouTuber who breaks down BJJ from MMA to submission grappling and in light of the upcoming Metamoris 5, decided to take a closer look at Kazushi Sakuraba. When you watch the beginning of the video it starts to feel a bit overwhelming when you realize just how “sloppy” Saku’s BJJ really was back in his heyday, especially heading into a grappling bout against Renzo at Metamoris 5 and knowing that he’s a lot smaller now and has been focusing on professional wrestling.

We all worry about Saku and looking back at all of the stuff that he did wrong only makes it look like he’s screwed at Metamoris 5, then the video becomes marvelous when it looks at how Saku used catch wrestling to outsmart his opponents and how he broke the rules in BJJ by using catch wrestling, which completely threw them off.

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