This Strikeforce Heavyweight GP intro footage might be the key to the entire tournament

The following piece of video was recorded on MiddleEasy staff member Noel’s camera phone yesterday during the Strikeforce GP weigh ins. In years to come it will be studied and reviewed on MMA message boards the world over. Enthusiasts will treat the footage like the blurry photographs of the Loch Ness Monster or the sketchy Bigfoot footage where he looks at the camera all grumpy like. In my opinion the video supplied below is the cipher to the entire Strikeforce GP, kind of like the Freemasons key. We are through the looking glass here people.

You can even hear Beelzebub towards the end speaking in tongues. So, in conclusion, this video is either an incredibly masterful mind freak by Josh Barnett that proves he will win this tournament, or all of the fighters came to an agreement backstage that they would dance out, then they all snickered as Josh was the lone guy to follow through. Even Fedor cracked the slightest of gentle smiles. Those are the only 2 possibilities.

View the entire GP intro before you see it on TV here.

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