This Russian tag team MMA match has a finish that would make Scott Smith proud

As if you couldn’t tell by the four men cracking their knuckles in the cage, this isn’t going to be a normal MMA fight. By now, you’re familiar with tag team MMA, or you should be. We’ve certainly featured it enough, and it’s been around for probably a decade or longer, but that doesn’t detract from its shock value. Like Grand Theft Auto, you know exactly what you’re going to get out a tag team MMA match, but somehow it’s still a surprising and fulfilling good time, almost every time. 

Now a tag team match is obviously the wrinkle here, but consider for a second that NHB rules seem to be in use here, with liberal cage grabbing in order to survive, and there is no bell… The fighters know the match has begun when Prodigy’s Firestarter blares over the mid-80’s PA system, and when that ‘bow’ hits, the fight is on. So on

It’s a Wednesday afternoon, so you don’t deserve any spoilers in your life, but this is probably the greatest comeback since Scott Smith walked the PCH in search of higher consciousness. Damn, and Scott Smith only accomplished 50% of the comeback featured in this fight.


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