MMA Rundown

This pic of Vitor Belfort from 2012 vs. Vitor Belfort from 2017 proves the TRT is real

Okay maybe we’re piling on young old new vintage Vitor Belfort here. For fans of Anthony Jonson, Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold and Dan Henderson this post of gloating and or dancing on the figurative grave is for you. On Saturday night none other than blown up welterweight Kelvin Gastelum effectively ended the career of 39 year old Vitor Belfort when it comes to being relevant in the UFC.

Before Belfort was getting out struck with ease by former TUF winners with a wrestling base, he was TRT Vitor in 2012-2013. Thanks to the magic of The Internet here is a picture of Vitor on TRT versus Vitor with USADA testing and no TRT hall pass. Sip some freshly brewed ice tea while you marvel at the wonders of modern medicine.

H/T to @LegKickTKO for the science