This Man Would Still Have His Eye if Someone Would Have Just Left a Note

There are a lot of lessons to be learned in MMA, some of which we’ve yet to fully grasp. MMA is, in a way, still in its infancy as an organized sport. The fact that unregulated MMA can still go down in places within the United States is proof enough that there are lessons to be learned.

There have been some horrific injuries in MMA, stuff like leg breaks, Jon Jones and his weirdly-detached toe and even broken orbital ones, which leaves an eye kind of dangling out or at the mercy of whatever swelling is going down.

I don’t know what else to say other than this guy kicks this dude in the head and HIS EYE POPS OUT. Like not just hangs out, but pops out and the ref almost steps on it. Of course this was a glass eye, but still, this guy’s EYE POPPED OUT FROM A HEAD KICK.

Unregulated MMA, everybody, a place where eyes pop out of heads. This guy could have a great career ahead of him to scare the crap out of unregulated MMA events by getting knocked out and losing his eye, only to teach an important lesson to promoters everywhere.

That’s why you always leave a note.


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