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This is what happens when Snatch and a UFC 152 promo have a baby

This is what happens when Snatch and a UFC 152 promo have a baby

I wish someone in the UFC PR department was named ‘Aragorn’ so at an event I could gently pat someone on the back and say ‘Aragorn, it’s good to see you again.’ That’s sort of a throw-away line since there’s absolutely no follow-up to that statement. It would just be cool to have a business relationship with a dude named Aragorn. Damn. That’s sort of a strange way to start off an article. Is Aragorn from Lord of the Rings the same guy that plays the lead-character in The Walking Dead? If not, I wonder how much of his DNA is similar to that guy. It must be a substantial portion — more than a handful. There’s never been a time in history in which ‘a handful’ has never been enough — unless you’re Manute Bol, then it’s just a comically ridiculous amount.

Without Guy Ritchie redefining the term ‘Snatch’ in his 2000 heist film, the title of this article would have an entirely different meaning. A meaning that would most likely be NSFW but awesome for college dorms on a lonely Friday night.

Check out this newly released UFC 152 promo that incorporates scenes from Snatch in a whimsical typhoon of awesomeness.

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