This is what happens when Anderson Silva has a camera guy following him around NYC for a few days

In the fourth episode of this Anderson Silva vlog series produced by ‘The Clickers’, a camera guy follows Silva around NYC and shows us what a laid back, polite and seemingly nice guy Silva really is. Most of you probably had already picked up on that vibe from him, but when you watch a guy considered to be the G.O.A.T. of a sport that’s based around man’s need for primal physical violence-wipe all the crumbs from a table at a restaurant rather than leave it for his waitress to clean up-it’s always a little amazing and refreshing.

Anderson displays all the nice manners your mother taught you when you were five years old, but abandoned when you turned into a typical jerk-off teenager. Now you are an adult who knows better, but you’re too disenchanted with your fellow humans to bother with being chivalrous to anyone. Shame on all of you. No worries though, just watch this vlog of Anderson strolling through and hanging out in NYC and you can learn how to be a more courteous, graceful human once again. [Source]


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