This is the greatest hoodie in the history of MMA. Thanks, Sakuraba

Today British Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu apparel brand Scramble decided to tease the world with their latest and greatest. If you’re a fan of MMA or BJJ, then you’re more than likely to have seen fighters sponsored by Scramble. I myself happen to be a massive fan, and own a plethora of their gear. 

Scramble are pretty bad ass in their collaborative work with legends. They’ve teamed up with other companies to do one offs, and have worked directly with sporting phenoms such as the effin’ incredible Sakuraba. Now I don’t know an MMA fan alive that doesn’t love Sakuraba, and the reason for that is simple. Anyone who doesn’t like Sakuraba, I kill there and then. He’s a hero of the sport, and Scramble have a line of gear devoted to him because of that.

What could be better than a new ICS hoodie complete with Saku mask? I need this in my life, even if 98% of the world have no clue what I’m wearing. This hoodie is due out in November/December, so it’s time to start counting the days.

It’d be great if they could have it out in time for the Metamoris superfight, but hey even if they don’t you’re still going to be the talk of the ball. 

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