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This is how Cris Cyborg defeated Marloes Coenen at Invicta FC 6

This is how Cris Cyborg defeated Marloes Coenen at Invicta FC 6

There was nothing Marloes Coenen could do to prevent this whirling dervish of primal energy and immovable inertia that modern science calls ‘Cris Cyborg’ tonight at Invicta FC 6.

Coenen’s intentions were noble — to bait Cyborg into the clinch in order to perform a trip takedown, land on top of her and work her superb submission game. That was the plan, but it eventually turned into Coenen getting brutally slammed every time she closed the distance with Cyborg.

Upon first glance it appeared that Coenen was pulling guard on Cyborg in order to get her to the ground. Only on closer inspection did I realize that it was just Cris Cyborg literally rag-dolling Marloes Coenen to the mat and then using her Ortiz-level ground-and-pound to toy with her badly bruised body. In the end, Coenen’s strategy was futile — like performing open-heart surgery with your eyes closed. Damn, what a bizarre analogy.

Invicta FC might as well name their featherweight title the ‘Cyborg Belt’ because no one is taking that thing away from her. Check out how the fight ended compliments of ZProphet.

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