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This guy made an 8-volume video series on the rarest MMA facts and secrets

This guy made an 8-volume video series on the rarest MMA facts and secrets

I already know there’s going to be that one person out there, surrounded in their cluttered room of MMA memorabilia that will comment on this article stating he/she actually knew everything that was disclosed in this 8-part YouTube video series. Well, you’re wrong — and even if you’re right, you’re still wrong. You’re living your life wrong. Go outside and run after a bird. Strike up a conversation with your local convenience store cashier. Use your library card, you know those antiquated government-funded facilities that have things made from paper called ‘books.’ There’s an entire world out there that is separate from this sport known as MMA — you don’t need to be a walking Sherdog Fighter Finder to justify your existence.

Now, if you want to be enlightened by certain esoteric facts in the sport we all love, check out this newly-released 8-part series on a slew of rare MMA facts and secrets. It’s just fantastic general info that can certainly fill in some gaps in your mental MMA timeline.

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Volume II

Volume III

Volume IV

Volume V

Volume VI

Volume VII

Volume VIII

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