This guy claims MMA is nonsense and Todd Keuneke is the ONLY thing that will save you

His name is Todd Keuneke and he thinks your mixed martial arts will be futile if utilized on the streets. He so vehemently believes this that he has created his own variation of street fighting and has made it a point to bang against MMA as often as possible. Perhaps you’ve seen his videos before and watched in subtle awe. Now this week, he’s been producing clips nonstop and has been openly attacking MMA, and even Joe Rogan. My only criticism is that he either needs to speak up or increase his audio levels when he’s in front of a camera. It’s virtually impossible to hear him without your speakers turned up to the highest decibel level. If any of you guys are impressed with the techniques displayed in the following video, be sure to sign up for his course which can be accessed at his YouTube page.

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