MMA Rundown

This gif of Junior Dos Santos and his post-fight puppy face plus golf clap combo is too sad

The thrill of victory and the utter agony of defeat is no more presence then in the minutes after suffering a title fight KO loss. For Junior Dos Santos there was no doubt, no wiggle for a protest, just the bitter taste of defeat running through every inch of his six foot four 245 pound frame.

After a five year journey in search of strapping the UFC heavyweight title around his waist again, JDS’s five round fight with Stipe Miocic was over in less than three minutes. Months of hype, ten weeks of training camp, and all for not as Miocic shutdown JDS with little to no resistance.

In the moments when Bruce Buffer was set to read off the official decision the UFC cameras panned to a close-up of Dos Santos’ face full of heartbreak. Junior Dos Santos and his face of a man-child that just dropped his ice cream cone on the hot pavement coupled with an awkward golf clap was the saddest moment of the UFC 211 weekend.

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