Well, this featherweight title fight ended in a vomit KO

Spoiler alert – dude in the black shorts barfs around the 8:35 mark after a tough battle. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the duty you have as a human when you throw up in a public place. 

If you aren’t actually sick, as in ill, like bed-ridden, you should probably grab the literal white towel you just figuratively threw into the cage and clean up the mess yourself. Am I out of line for thinking that? This guy just booted all over the cage and now some poor ref or cornerman is going to have to pull up whatever type of pants they’re wearing, kneel into the sweat and regurgitation then scoop that weird, white liquid up. You should clean that up yourself, dude. I’ve thrown up after a workout (I can’t remember the circumstances but I know that I have), you feel pretty great after you wipe your mouth and put your hands on your hips, finished. There’s no reason not to clean up your own mess. 

And maybe he did clean it up? If so, where’s that video? I would find that fascinating, a ten minute video of a man quietly cleaning up his vomit. The same vomit that effectively made him lose a title fight. It would be the first Lars Von Trier combat sports film. 

Props to CharlesFoxtrot for the find!

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