This absolutely ridiculous upkick KO happened on TUF: Latin America last week

We’ve seen plenty of wild knockouts in the last few weeks, but I’m willing to say with a decent amount of confidence that this is the strangest and most impressive knockout of them all. It all went down on TUF: Latin America. One guy is standing, the other is on the ground, ready to strike at the most perfect moment. When he connects his heel to the temple of his opponent, it’s like when the drinking bird toy activates the lighter in Darkman (the GOAT superhero movie).

Much like Liam Neesons getting getting blown up and sent flying in Darkman, this fighter’s consciousness goes into orbit. His legs buckle as if he was a cyborg that was remotely switched to ‘off’. For once, the heel won clearly and definitively without a run-in, and it’s so incredible it almost looks fake. 

Thanks to SloppySingleLeg on the UG for the .gif!

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