MMA Rundown

This 2013 text exchange between Conor McGregor and Joe Rogan is pretty insane, also mystic

Mystic Rogan? Does Joe Rogan predict these things? Four months before his 2013 UFC debut, Conor McGregor was already on the radar of UFC announcer Joe Rogan.

This is crazy *Joe Rogan voice*

Already in possession of Cage Warrior’s featherweight title, on New Year’s Eve 2012 McGregor pummeled Ivan Buchinger to capture the CW lightweight strap. The first round win, caught the eye of Rogan and mid-afternoon on January 1, 2013 he sent out a causal tweet to the future leader of MMA’s free world.

From the humblest of Conor McGregor beginnings to standing on top of the combat sports world and yelling about the biggest crossover fight in boxing-MMA history some 48 months later; seems about right. Stay wild Mac Life.

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