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Things just got real: Evans may come to the octagon with Mr. T

Things just got real: Evans may come to the octagon with Mr. T

Damn, just realized that this story was published over an hour ago with just the words ‘sdfdf’ in it. Boy, is my face red. Greatest thing is, half of you guys out there thought I was trying to make some incredibly high-brow joke regarding Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson. Nah, not at all. It was as a complete error, but that would have been the perfect excuse. Instead, I’ll try to cover up my blatant error with this picture of Kyra Gracie. See how fast that worked?

In a recent interview, Rashad Evans says that not only can he beat Rampage Jackson while impersonating Rampage Jackson…but he will do it with Mr. T in his corner.

“I don’t like all the pre-fight talking, so I can’t wait until I finally get my chance to shut him up. There were a lot of times on the show when I wanted to hit him right there. When Keith [Jardine] was training for his fight with Rampage, I had to mimic Rampage’s style. I can probably beat Rampage as Rampage now. Plus, he’s gotten fat. He needs to get in shape just to get in shape. I may come to the Octagon with Mr. T just to get in his head.”

The fact that Rashad Evans is considering to bring Mr. T into the octagon is just a sign at the amount of severe psychological warfare Evans is willing to engage in against Rampage Jackson. That’s like witnessing Santa Claus rob your toy chest when you were eight or the Easter Bunny taking a dump inside a carton of eggs. It’s the stuff a lifetime of psychological trauma is made out of. [Source]

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