Thiago Silva covers Brandon Vera with a blanket of domination

For some odd reason, the UFC likes to remind the viewers that Thiago Silva was beaten by his father and he lived in poverty when he was a kid. See, that’s too much info. You might as well tell us what the name of his high school girlfriend was and at what age he found out that Santa Claus wasn’t real. Tonight at UFC 125, we witnessed the most dominated we’ve ever seen Brandon Vera and it was from the fists, palms, feet and elbows of Thiago Silva.

I don’t think there was a second of the fight in which Thiago Silva was not laying some form of strike on Brandon Vera, or at least in the motion to do so. Apparently if any portion of your last name has ‘Silva’ in it, then your genetic metaclorine count is higher than the normal human being. Sure both fighters exchanged words at the end of the first round and even got into an awkward face-to-face stare contest, however towards the end of the fight, it didn’t even matter. Not only did Thiago Silva resort to ‘pimp-slapping’ Brandon Vera, and ‘spanking’ him on his butt, but at some point in the third round, he reconfigured Brandon Vera’s nose as if he were in the middle of making a clay pot and then was distracted by something shiny hanging outside of his window. Huge win for Thiago Silva and now it’s rumored that Silva will take on the winner of Jon Bones Jones and Ryan Bader. Oh, and here’s Brandon Vera’s new nose, props to ASinforHer for the find.

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