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These GIFs from Wednesday’s TUF episode are destined to make you LOL

These GIFs from Wednesday’s TUF episode are destined to make you LOL

The MMA community might become a sad little clique if ZombieProphet ever decides to flash us the deuces, pack his stuff up into a little rolling suitcase and run away to Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland to hunt polar bears and whales and never make another golden MMA GIF again. Imagine being unable to watch expertly created infinite loops of the most amazing KO’s, subs and embarrassingly hysterical moments in MMA ever again. Heartbreaking.

Until that day happens, we can all continue to encourage our MMA OCD and relive and obsessively repeat those special MMA moments thanks to ZP of Moments like this one from last night’s episode of TUF 14: the ‘Coaches Challenge’ episode are worthy of repitition. In this episdoe, Mayhem and Bisping were challenged to play a rousing game of Air Hockey. At the end, during Bisping’s table top dance victory celebration, comes the infinite loop GIF worthy event. Enjoy. [source]

The moment of victory:

A closer look:

Dana’s Reaction:

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