There will be no more BJ Penn vs. Jon Fitch II, at least for now

After UFC 127, I had this idea of getting a little kid to walk around Hollywood with a laptop and record people’s reactions to the BJ Penn vs. Jon Fitch bout. It would have been a mixture of Wonder Showzen and an attempt at legit journalism. The project was scrapped when I realized the chances of Chris Hansen knocking at my door would have increased dramatically. People already know I cross-dress, the last thing I need is some little kid taking my direction, regardless of how it would revolutionize the MMA world.

The re-match we were all twiddling our thumbs for at UFC 132 will no longer happen. Just days after Jon Fitch was marked out with a shoulder injury, BJ Penn is now sidelined with an undisclosed injury and has been removed from UFC 132. As of this moment, Faber vs. Cruz fighting for the UFC bantamweight belt will be the headliner of this event with Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben riding shotgun as the co-main event. [Source]

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