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There was a brawl at the 2013 Canada Open Badminton Tournament, and it was ridiculous

There was a brawl at the 2013 Canada Open Badminton Tournament, and it was ridiculous

As long as people will unnecessarily fight on this planet at inappropriate times, the MiddleEasy monster will be there to critique these altercations in the context of the larger picture of humanity’s progression into time and space. The MiddleEasy monster is actually a philosophy professor at The University of Arizona, and his speciallization is in teaching existentialism to students approaching the end of their bachelors. When he’s not teaching, he dedicates his time to MiddleEasy by researching the most bizarre fights from around the planet. The MiddleEasy monster also likes long walks on the beach and being attached to Felice Herrig’s rear end.

A few days ago at the 2013 Canada Open Badminton Tournament (yeah, that’s actually a thing), two teams from Thailand were getting in a heated verbal argument. Bodin Issara eventually snapped and started chasing Maneepong Jongjit around the court. Maneepong got a few hits in with the racket before being tackled and then soccer kicked by Bodin. Two things to note; I’m not sure why Maneepong slowed down after he gained a pretty considerable distance and why didn’t Maneepong just hold his ground and fight back — the dude did have his racket, he could have kept the distance while backing up and continue to hit Bodin. Props to TDM for the news tip, enjoy your 100 points.

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