The Zuffa insurance saved Cub Swanson fifty grand

Minutes before I sat down to write this heartwarming tale of Cub Swanson not having to go bankrupt because of an accidental blow to the face my Ipod fried. I think it was because of the massive Chicagoland storms in the night. 80 gigabytes of music is gone. Gone, gone, gone. I’m completely lost now. So much money down the drain and I don’t even know where to begin as far as recompiling my library. All I have on my computer is four out of the five discs for the Grand Theft Auto Vice City soundtrack and the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack. Some of it is backed up, but God know where. I truly feel dizzy. We should be able to re download the purchased music from Itunes! We should have insurance to protect not only our faces but also our digital content!

At least Cub Swanson is taken care of. He took an accidental knee to the face in training camp at Jackson’s MMA and suffered a broken orbital, cheek and nose with the UFC insurance kicking in just one day prior. Cub also used all $50,000 of his year allotment of insurance money on the dot. Very close call. He recounts this tale to MMAJunkie:

“I’m officially the first person to ever use it,” “But I guess if I do something, I do it big. That’s kind of my thing.”

“I’m glad they found it,. And they said the coverage that we have is a start, and I believe it’ll evolve into even better coverage … I’m super thankful. I can’t wait to get back in there and repay them.”

Props all around.


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