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The World’s Most Dangerous Man Vs. The Kimbo Slayer is going down

The World’s Most Dangerous Man Vs. The Kimbo Slayer is going down

Once upon a time, there was a fight organization called Elite XC where fighters like Gina Carano and Jake Shields called home. From the sidewalk outside, it looked like a nice home with a comfy couch and an HDTV. Then again, any home to Gina Carano is nicer home then mine. Can you picture it…Gina Carano walking around the kitchen, baking you brownies while you’re kicking back and watching Animal Planet. On October 4th 2008, that dream of Gina Carano in an apron came to a sudden end.

Kimbo Slice was scheduled to fight Ken Shamrock in what would have been a telling fight for both fighters, but at the last minute Ken Shamrock was forced to pull out due to injury. This opened the door for TUF 2 veteran Seth Petruzelli to step in and get his chance to fight Kimbo. Back then, not many people knew who Seth Petruzelli was or what a dude with pink hair was doing in the cage with Kimbo Slice. 14 seconds later, Kimbo was fed his first knockout defeat, and Seth Petruzelli became a household name. It was a knockout so amazing that it destroyed the entire Elite XC organization.

According to Seth Petruzelli’s twitter page, Ken Shamrock is now set to make his (steroid-free?) comeback to MMA when they meet on March 6th at International Unlimited Fighting: The Return of BUDUC. This is the same legendary Ken Shamrock that took one of the worst beatings in UFC history from Tito Ortiz, then asked for seconds. This is the same Legend that fought Royce Gracie at UFC 1 and UFC 3. Kimbo Slayer or not, Seth Petruzelli is set to face ‘The Worlds Most Dangerous Man’ and it’s going to be…rawesome.


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