The ‘whoomph” noise from this low blow. The ‘whoomph’ noise from this low blow…

Cup technology has not yet hit its singularity. In fact, cup technology, outside of Joe Rogan’s Diamond MMA cup, haven’t seem to evolve all that much in a long time. Why? Probably because nothing will ever, ever protect a man from a professional fighter getting hit square in the nuts so loud the whole arena shut up to give you some time to recover. To add insult to injury, the cup likely shifted and indented your gooch.

I’ve been hit in the balls plenty of times. Our own Nick Robertson kicked me square in the junk one time during a sweet Muay Thai session. It sucked, but it wasn’t horrible. There are times, however, when the cup just makes it worse, and when you’re down on the ground, writhing in pain looking up at the arena’s lights… You have to contemplate life. You put yourself in this position, you knew getting your frozen banana crushed is a very real possibility, and you moved forward anyway. Such is the life of a man. A warrior.

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