The UFC Undisputed 3 trailer

In line for an early January 2012 release, THQ has gently turned on the UFC Undisputed 3 information faucet, info is now trickling out at a decent pace. No floods are happening yet, but after the Undisputed 3 blowout at EVO, I think we can expect our sinks to overflow sometime soon. Hopefully. I need to let go of that analogy now, it wasn’t that great to begin with, and besides, how can information overflow? Would it spill onto your carpet and then you have to find a towel to soak up the details?

Please watch the UFC Undisputed 3 trailer with very little gameplay.

PRIDE mode looks pretty darn cool I must say! At least for the 3 seconds that we got to see it. Here’s to THQ releasing some gameplay soon.

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