The UFC rescinds Cung Le’s suspension for HGH

A picture does not prove PED usage, no matter how many impressive veins bulge from the muscular chest of a man. The proof is not in the pudding, it’s in the drug tests that Cung Le passed before and after his fight against Michael Bisping in Macao. And yet he still tested positive for HGH and was suspended for nine months, then a year.

It’s a confusing situation that seems to get more convoluted by the minute. Cung Le is not yet innocent, but he isn’t really guilty either. He’s just… There. The UFC’s self-regulations screwed the pooch, and now everyone is confused.

Following the announcement of Le’s suspension, UFC officials have been provided with medical advice regarding the elevated total HGH present in Le’s system. In accordance with such medical advice, UFC has determined that Le’s elevated total HGH by itself does not prove that he took performance-enhancing drugs before the August 23rd bout. As a result, UFC has informed Le that his suspension is rescinded.

Le had requested an appeal of his suspension, and was entitled to arbitrate the drug test results and suspension. However, based on the lack of conclusive laboratory results, UFC officials deemed it appropriate to immediately rescind the suspension without the need for further proceedings.

Hopefully something concrete comes of this soon. Sorry, Cung.

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