The UFC 167 phantom cam highlights have been released, and they’re violently beautiful

Look at that, we almost escaped the daily vortex that is Georges St. Pierre until we were sucked into this UFC 167 Phantom Cam highlight video from FOX Sports. It’s filled with a lot of slo-motion closed-fist strikes to the face and the uncontrollable ear flopping that is associated with them. We also get to see how creepy it is to view the human body contort while attempting to inflict pain on another person. It’s all produced behind some new-age classic music that was probably used to give the video a sense of epicness, but it just ends up being rather annoying. I don’t need to hear a piano and horns try to convince me that what I’m viewing is important. You already have me — now just let me watch the video without assaulting my ear drums. I need those things.

Enough, now watch the UFC 167 Phantom Cam highlights.

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