The UFC 128 trailer is something that should be viewed immediately

The only thing this slick trailer for Shogun/Jones is missing is that voice over dude (the guy that does every trailer you know who I’m talking about) saying: “Shogun…Jones. 2 fighters, 1 title, 3 lives hang in the balance”. As the music fades out a back lit hoodied New Yorker wearing sunglasses and fingerless gloves steps forward and light pours onto his face, it’s Bloodstain Lane in an epic reveal! He then says: “Shogun better win or I’m gonna [expletive] kill myself bro, seriously“. And then the picture cuts to black, the music hits that low note, sustains it for a few beats and all the PPV details come up and we click on whatever else we click on after that, probably a news article on organic milk (isn’t it all organic?). Since that trailer has not yet been made, watch this UFC 128 trailer and pretend all that stuff I wrote about above is in there.

Will Bloodstain Lane really kill himself if Shogun loses? I hope not, think what you will about Bloodstain, but he is slowly becoming the MMA version of Peter Finch in Network.


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